Emily A. Buretz


I am passionate about building connections and understanding people’s values.  By understanding the individual, I can act as a true advisor in creating a solution that is unique to them. I am honored when someone trusts me to share their past experiences and stories, what they want to teach their children, and what they hope for the future.

“In fundraising, I had the privilege of getting to know the why behind an individuals’ and family’s inherent principles, the causes they supported, and the values they believed in. I cherish those relationships and joining The Madison Group is an extension of that. I now have the opportunity to offer individuals and families a service that extends that reach and provides solutions for their wealth planning needs.”

I graduated from the University of Missouri Journalism School with a degree in Strategic Communication. Prior to joining The Madison Group, I worked in fundraising for ACE Scholarships, a non-profit organization which allows low-income students in the Denver area access to the school of their choice. My role was to inform business and philanthropic leaders in the Denver community on the education crisis and how their investment in these students would create value within our community for generations to come.

At The Madison Group I am responsible for:

  • Educating clients on how to create personally meaningful legacies
  • Customizing solutions for generational wealth planning
  • Identifying additional opportunities for clients within their current planning
  • Collaborating and connecting with advisors and partners to holistically support the vision of our clients

I value creativity, culture and philanthropy. I am still actively involved with ACE Scholarships in Denver, as it is a cause that is incredibly important to me. I am the Founder and Co-Chairman of the ACE Scholarships Emerging Leaders Network, a group of entrepreneurial and philanthropic emerging leaders in the Denver community helping to cultivate the next generation of philanthropists. In my free time, I enjoy the simple things in life like going to the park, bike rides and entertaining friends and family. I love food and the arts which includes cooking, trying new restaurants, and checking out local art galleries and farmer’s markets. I am also a yogi, snowboarder, and I enjoy stand-up paddle boarding. I am most at home in the mountains and go there any chance I get.