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Research & Modeling

We are not in the life insurance sales business — we are in the benefit delivery business. We understand that every person has a story unique to their own journey. Within that story lies a legacy, its power untapped. Our goal is to help your story unfold and align your values with your legacy, because a legacy is too important to leave to chance.

There are two facets to legacy formation. One facet is taking care of urgent tactical needs. The other is tending to the long-term development and broader intent for your wealth. We can help with both.


Bringing a family’s ideals and principles to the forefront, integrating unique planning strategies, and creating a clear statement of ideals and philanthropic goals for generations.


Incorporating multiple cohesive strategies that handle complex needs, while fully integrating cash flows, and tax and estate distribution into a plan.


Evaluating an existing life insurance portfolio to ensure it is cost-efficient, tax-efficient, and performing in a way that reflects financial forecasting and fulfills current needs.


Analyzing products to meet financial needs and wealth transfer goals, while also reviewing existing financial and estate structures and liquidity needs for overall appropriateness, financial efficiency and safety.

A diversified life insurance portfolio.

​​We develop thoughtful insurance portfolios with diversified policies for long-term flexibility. We provide exhaustive analysis of financial strategies, life insurance, products and companies to ensure that your plan continues to meet your vision. Continued service and checkpoints are an integral part of our commitment.

​A collaborative advisor team.

When all of your advisors work as an agile team, your plan gains wisdom — integrating finance with vision. Our behind-the-scenes modeling and strategy development solidify your advisor’s recommendations and provide checks and balances for all ideas under consideration.


M Financial Group

We serve as a member, resource and catalyst on our client’s planning team to develop and implement cost-efficient plans with uniquely tailored financial strategies. We can provide proprietary policies at cost-efficient pricing thanks to our membership with M Financial Group.